The On Cloud Wine Journey


The moment I fell in love with wine at La Tancia Vineyard in Tuscany, Italy. May 19, 2015

Wine improves with age. I improve with wine.


Like a vine, it takes years to settle and grow into the soil to build a strong foundation that will last decades and yield wine that will be enjoyed by many. As a new blogger and wine enthusiast, I would like to share my journey for my passion for wine. I want to share my roots in how I became obsessed with wine and share my wine wisdom as I learn so it can be enjoyed by fellow wine enthusiasts and perhaps inspire others to join the On Cloud Wine Cru.

At the age of 25 while on a trip to Tuscany in 2015, I decided to leave Malibu Bay Breezes behind and venture over to drinking wine. After all, I needed an “adult” drink to sip on while having adult conversations as a newly graduated woman. My palate was set for sweet drinks and I loved sweet wines like Zinfandel or wine coolers. (Sip side note: my favorite Riesling is Relax from Mosel, Germany.) Believing I would be a sweet white wine drinker for life, I was open to trying new wines even though I was hesitant and stepping out of my comfort zone. While going through the flight starting with whites than moving to reds, a Chianti with spices and red fruit notes made my mouth water. After I had a few more sips, I realized I have been changed for the better. From that moment on, I had an enology epiphany. I needed to learn more about wine.

Upon returning back to the States, I researched professional societies and discovered the  Society of Wine Educators. This particular organization educates wine enthusiasts and professionals through their Academy. I signed up for the Certified Wine Specialist class this January 2019 and hope to pass the 100 multiple-choice exam. Overwhelmed yet ambitious,  I am confident that I will pass with an ample amount of time to study the material given to me. I have done my research and have written down a formal Road Map on how to reach my goals. (Sip side note: the Road Map will be shown on a later post.) My future goal is to have online wine courses to inspire all levels of wine enthusiasts to explore new wines and be confident in their wine knowledge.

Over the past five years, I have increased my palate in tasting whites, reds, rosés, and sparkling wines. (Sip side note: I enjoy Prosecco over Champagne.) I have read several books on wine, joined the wine club Wine Awesomeness and joined the New York Wine Events VIP club. I have joined the professional organizations titled the American Wine Society and Society of Wine Educators.

What does this blog have in store? I plan to go to wine events, enhance my enology education, interview wine enthusiasts and professionals, and sip savory wines one bottle at a time all while sharing my experience here with you all.

Thank you for joining my journey!

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